Students at FSG Elementary School noticed the first buds of the tulips they planted last October in memory of their classmate Hailey Matheson.

As spring begins in Elk County, students in Marcia Raubenstrauch's class at FSG Elementary were excited to see the first buds appear around the flagpole this week.

Students in third grade at Francis S. Grandinetti Elementary participated in the first “caring for our school community” activity in early October of 2020 thanks to a grant from The Allstate Foundation and the WE Volunteer Now organization's initiative. Mrs. Raubenstrauch had written the grant to have students participate in community beautification projects in downtown Ridgway, but because of COVID-19, Allstate and the WE group allowed the students to care for their community and demonstrate caring for one another through positivity, actions, and to look to the future with positivity and hope.

The third graders planted the tulip bulbs around the school’s American flagpole base to be a symbol of remembrance and love in memory of their classmate Hailey Matheson who passed away during the school shut down in May. The children wrote a small message about Hailey's positivity or a memory of her and placed it along with the tulip bulb they planted.

Later in the week, the fifth graders assisted in the project by cleaning the school grounds by planting tulips near the FSG front entrance. Other grade levels also participated in caring activities to “care for our school community” all thanks to the WE Volunteer Now organization and The Allstate Foundation.

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