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A fall photo of the Elk County Courthouse Annex

RIDGWAY--The Honorable Shawn T. McMahon, President Judge of Elk, and Cameron Counties issued three bench warrants for the first Return Day of May for the 59th Judicial District. A Bench warrant is really a court order that a judge may issue when a person commits contempt of court, such as failing to appear for a scheduled court date. Bench warrants can be issued for both criminal and civil matters. A bench warrant authorizes the immediate on-site arrest of the individual subject to the bench warrant. Any of the persons named should immediately contact their local law enforcement agency to avoid more charges being filed.

Tammy Dee Lytle, 51 of Johnsonburg (also known by the aliases of Tammy White and Harry Lee Lytle) did not show up for her 1.30 p.m. hearing on multiple felony counts of forgery and misdemeanor charges of theft, receiving stolen property, and possessing the instruments of crime. As a condition of her being out on bail, she was also to refrain from accumulating any new criminal charges but picked up new charge drug possession charges in St. Marys in March of this year. Her attorney, Jeffrey Stephen Weinberg of Pittsburgh, was present in court on Monday and indicated frustration with the case as Lytle has not contacted him in over five months. Elk County District Attorney Thomas Coppolo did not object when Weinberg petitioned the court to be removed from service to Lytle based upon her refusal to communicate with him. The Elk County Court accepted his petition to withdraw from the case, and Lytle will have a set period of time to respond to his petition before he is formally dropped from the case. Lytle is subject to immediate arrest and detention as Judge McMahon also revoked her bail conditions.

Kesha Johanna Clements, 26, of Ridgway, was supposed to enter into a plea deal on Monday to enter the ARD (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition) program on her first offense, DAI (Driving After Imbibing, PA's term for DUI). Clements has a history of missing her court dates, with a least five other bench warrants issued for her appearance, all of them over this case which was first pressed against her on Halloween of 2018. Numerous court delays, continuances, and then the COVID-19 pandemic have delayed the finalization of this case. Clements is also subject to immediate arrest and detention as the Elk County Court revoked her bail.

Nathan Louis Jasko, 28, of Finleyville, PA, missed his court appearance scheduled at 9 a.m. on Monday. Jasko was not represented by an attorney and faces multiple counts of possession of a controlled substance, drug paraphernalia, and his second DAI, as well as summary charges. Like Clements Jasko, also has a history of missing assigned court hearings and last had a bench warrant issued for him in August of 2020. Judge McMahon also revoked Jasko's bail, which means he is subject to immediate arrest and detention.

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