Stretch Your Mind Yoga

Ridgway resident Julie Stahl has opened her "Stretch Your Mind" studio at Ridgway Physical Therapy Center at 1 South Street. 

"I first became interested in Yoga therapy almost 10 years ago when my son was severely burned and required ongoing physical therapy." said Ridgway Resident Julie Stahl at her new studio on South Street, "No mother can stand to see her child in pain, and after trying all the traditional routes I explored alternative treatments, and my interest in Yoga began."

Stahl is being humble here, as her interest had led her to be certified in Svaroopa Yoga, Vata-Asana Aerial Yoga, the practice of Reiki, and studied to become an Embodiment Yoga Therapist. Yoga is an ancient practice that works to bring together body and mind to encourage relaxation and reduce stress while focusing on peace and tranquility. Stahl offers private yoga sessions customized to individuals' personalized needs, with a complete grounding of yoga and full-body support yoga for clients with specific need

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