Lucy's Dog Park Sandy Beach

With the one-year anniversary soon approaching, the Ridgway Township Supervisors are celebrating Lucy's Dog Park at the Sandy Beach Recreation Area in the Township, as residents and visitors have made the location the most popular venue in the region for pet-owners.

RIDGWAY TOWNSHIP--It was a short meeting for the Ridgway Township Supervisors on Tuesday night for the July meeting.

The Treasurer's Report and the bills for payment were quickly approved by the board members, with much of the meeting taken up by a discussion on ongoing improvements to the Sandy Beach Recreation Area.

Lucy's Dog Park, which was formed out of the old softball field at the park, has been an unbridled success since its opening last August. Through a combination of private donations and the efforts of the Township, the huge dog park area attracts visitors from all over Elk County to the Sandy Beach Recreation Area on Laurel Mill Road in Ridgway Township.

The number of rentals of Sandy Beach Park pavilions has also noticeably increased over previous years, thanks to the added exposure of the park's facilities noted by visitors to Lucy's Dog Park.

Besides the ongoing renovations to the pavilions and the partnership with the Alleghany National Forest on the planning stages of a new bike trail in the area, the park custodians have noted that three particular areas of the park could be upgraded to allow for primitive camping. The Supervisors approved the very preliminary plans for the campsites and forwarded the logistical planning for the possible campsites to the Ridgway Township Recreation Board, which will meet early next month. The Rec Board will handle all the details of the possible campsites, including creating a contract for rentals along with cleanup requirements and the possible installation of grills, picnic tables, and fire rings if the plan seems feasible.

In other business, Spring Creek Township has purchased the large plow truck that was up for sale from Ridgway Township for $45,000. Ridgway Township purchased a new truck this year to replace this truck that is now over five years old in keeping with the rotation schedule. Lower maintenance costs and a great resale market currently allowed the purchase of the new truck to fit into the Township Budget easily.

The Ridgway Township Offices, located at 1537A Montmorenci Road, and the attached dumpster areas, will be closed this weekend from Friday until Monday morning as the entire driveway area will be seal coated in preparation for the winter weather. The Supervisors apologize for any inconvenience, especially to residents who planned to take advantage of the waste dumpsters, but the project needs to be completed at this time to take advantage of the good weather, which will allow the seal coating to adhere to the long asphalt drives properly.

The next meeting of the Ridgway Township Supervisors will take place on August 17, beginning at 7 p.m. at the Ridgway Township Offices. The public is welcome to attend.

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