Ridgway Township 6-15-21

Ridgway Township Chairman Chris Klase opens a hefty stack of subdivision requests at the Tuesday night meeting.

RIDGWAY TOWNSHIP-- With multiple proposed subdivisions, insurance renewals, and renovation at Sandy Beach Park, the Ridgway Township Supervisors had a hefty agenda at the Tuesday meeting, which began at 7 p.m. at the headquarters on Montmorenci Road.
After first being reviewed by the Ridgway Township Planning Commission, the Supervisors took one final look before signing off on subdivisions for Steven Brazinski and the new Alleghancy National Forest Substation in the Township. Additionally, a Planning Module was given conditional approval for the Poleski plot of land, providing that all paperwork is properly completed by the filing date. 
Improved facilities, including the new handicapped walkways, Lucy's Dog Park, and the pavilion renovations, have brought more visitors and attention to the Sandy Beach Park in the Township on Laurel Mill Road. After the highly successful Handicapped Fish Rodeo last weekend,  interest in renting out the facility has been high, with Treasurer/Secretary Michelle Bogacki producing an overhauled form for indemnity that will be required of all renters moving forward. Number 3 Pavilion is ready for rentals. It had gone through some great improvements and upgrades over the spring. People or organizations interested in renting or reserving the four pavilions within the park can call the office at 814-773-5625. Rental payments help support improvements made to the park annually.
The new garage at Sandy Beach Park was unable to be delivered by the original manufacturer of the pre-fabricated structure, so Ridgway Township will proceed with Elk County Rustic Furniture to now acquire the building from TOL Builders of Ohio at the cost of $8,395 with Rustic Furniture constructing the concrete pad with drainage, water and electrical conduits for $6,180. Completion is expected by the end of July. 
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