Ralph Tettis

Police Chief Ralph Tettis

Everyone in Ridgway knows Chief Tettis, a big guy with a big heart and a great and easy laugh. But what is one of the things that bother Tettis? "That turning light at North Broad and Main Street. never seems to stay fixed and adjusted just right.". In this 20 years as Police Chief, it's one of the few things that seem out of his control in Ridgway Borough.

"Some people don't understand that as police officers, we are not just about arresting someone," said Tettis, "We are as much councilor as Law Enforcement, and at times we are the first paramedics there as well.." And I am proud of all of my officers in the jobs they perform every day."

Long-serving Police Chief Ralph Tettis has been with the Ridgway Police Department since 1974 and even has a cutout picture of his swearing-in from the Ridgway Record at that time in his office. The other men in the picture have since passed on, but Police Chief Tettis continues, the strong, stable figure of Law Enforcement in a Community that has seen many changes over his tenure as a police officer

The Ridgway Record will have the full story on Thursday. 

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