-Michael Handley 5-27-21

Michael Hadley unanimously approved by Ridgway Borough Council to take the reigns as Borough Manager in August. 

RIDGWAY--It's all come full circle as Ridgway native Michael Handley is set to take over from retiring Borough Manager Paul McCurdy in August. From his early education in the Ridgway Area School District, including graduating as an Elker from the Ridgway Area High School, Handley moved away for years to pursue his education and has brought his considerable skill-set back to his hometown.

"My wife Megen and I missed our hometown," said Handley in a meeting on Thursday with the Ridgway Record, " and we always caught ourselves saying that we couldn't wait to go 'HOME' for the weekend." "We finally decided some years ago that with the slower pace of life, more opportunities, a lower cost of living, and a much safer environment for raising our family, we needed to be home and moved back from the Baltimore Maryland region with our two children Vernon and Anna."

With the unanimous approval of the Ridgway Borough Council last week, Handley was officially appointed to the Borough Manager position, in a succession plan worked out for over a year with retiring Borough Manager Paul McCurdy. In addition to serving as Borough Manager, Handley's duties will include continuing his roles as the Chief Administrative Officer, Borough Secretary, and Zoning Officer as well as overseeing the Code Enforcement Office, which Handley worked to bring into the modern age with new Borough Codes, derived from the international standards, from 2018-2020.

Read the Full story in Friday's Ridgway Record. 

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