Ridgway Ambulance Drive

Pictured is the Ridgway Ambulance Corp. new unit. This is their new interceptor unit that will serve several communities.

The Ridgway Ambulance Corp. will be holding their membership drive starting February 1st, and Bob Marnatti, Manager of the Ridgway Ambulance Service, spoke about the importance of the upcoming Membership Drive. 

“Our membership drive is coming up on February 1st through March 31st. I just wanted to let the community know how important it is to be a member of the Ridgway Ambulance. The prices for this year’s ambulance have increased because of our ability not to get third party billing, so the revenues are down. The demographics have since changed in a small community, meaning that the people who have UPMC, Aetna, Cigna, people that have commercial insurance are not the makeup of our business anymore-it’s all Medicare and Medicaid, which has really reduced our revenue.” 

Marnatti continued to stress the importance of being a member of the Ridgway Ambulance, and broke down the details for each of the costs for family and individual membership. 

“A membership drive is one of our only ways to get money besides side donations, so this makes this year as important as ever for it. This year, the membership drive is sixty dollars for a family membership and forty dollars for an individual membership. It’s increased by ten dollars from last year, because of the third-party billing increase on revenue. I want to make clear, due to the change and pandemic; a family membership is not a household membership. It is for a husband and wife with kids eighteen years of age or younger who are covered under a family membership, with the exception being if your child is in college. Anyone that is eighteen years or older must purchase a single membership.” 

If you don’t have a single membership when the Ridgway Ambulance Corp. mails your card out, call them at (814) 773-3633 and ask for one to be mailed to your home. Then, fill out the information and return it to them, and you will get on the rolls of the Ridgway Ambulance, according to Marnatti. 

Marnatti said the Ridgway Ambulance Corp. does everything it can to keep their equipment up to date, and he could not speak more highly about their board of directors. 

“We’re trying to keep the equipment up to date, which I could actually say we have the best equipment around. Our board of directors have done an excellent job to give us the tools we need to do our jobs. We have a five-year plan budgeted and we replace equipment as needed in that five-year plan.” 

Due to staffing shortages, the Ridgway Ambulance Corp. prioritizes members over non-members, which makes it all the more important that you are one in the case of an emergency. 

“When people join the ambulance, they’ve got to realize that there may not be transports that we’re not able to take due to staffing problems,” Marnatti said. We do everything we can to take our members first, so it’s very important that you become a member because it increases your chances of being moved from one hospital to another.”

He added that this is more of a community membership and is reciprocated with the community ambulances such as Fox Township, St. Marys, Cameron County, and Brockway. For example, if you are from St Marys and go in the Ridgway Ambulance, and are a member of the St Marys Ambulance, their membership is honored. 

Marnatti is honored to serve our community and has for decades. 

“I’m born and raised here. Everybody that you hear on the 911 call is your friend or your neighbor, and so on. I’ve been dedicated to this and from 1983 on up I’ve been a member of the Ridgway Ambulance service. The people that come in and volunteer, whether they come in from their home for a second call or whatever it may be, they are incredible.” 

The Ridgway Ambulance Corp. also debuted a new interceptor unit Friday, and it provides advanced life support intercepts for the communities of St Marys, Cameron County, Wilcox, Horton Township, Jones Township, Brockway, and more. It does not transport anybody. 

Membership cards will be mailed out the last day of January, so start looking for them the next day. Again, fill those out and get them back to the ambulance office as soon as you can. If any questions persist, call (814) 773-3633. 

Support the Ridgway Ambulance Corps, as they are always here for our community.  Now, it is our turn to be there for them.




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