North Central

The North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Commission (North Central), the Local Development Organization (LDO) for a six-county region,  is headquartered on Ridgmont Drive in Ridgway.

ELK COUNTY--North Central received 178 grant requests through the individual counties for the CHIRP and ultimately awarded funding to 113 applicants. Non-eligible businesses and those that could not show a greater than 25% loss in revenue for 2020 were the main reasons applications were rejected, with no attempts at fraud attempted as many other COVID-19 Relief grant programs have reported. Cameron County had 7 total applications received, with 4 accepted and a total of $40,000 distributed. Clearfield County had 54 applications received with 34 accepted and a total of $880,000.  Elk County had 39 applications received, with 29 accepted and a total of $335,000. Jefferson County had 33 applications received, with 19 accepted and a total of $490,000. McKean County had 36 applications received, with 22 accepted and a total of $455,000. Potter County had 9 applications received with 8 accepted and a total of $185,000. Any remaining funding that remained was allocated to North Central as a processing fee for the $2,835,000 program or a cost of $40,000 less than a 1.1% processing fee for the original funding of the $2,425,972 program

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