National Pharmacist’s Day is quickly approaching, and Cliffe’s has been serving our local community in that area for decades. National Pharmacist’s Day is on January 12th, and it gives us a chance to reflect on the importance of pharmacists and highlights how critical they are to maintain our health and well-being. 

Owner Mike DePanfilis explained how Cliffe’s serves their customers specifically in the area of pharmacy. 

“We’re a full-service pharmacy with the exception of immunizations, mostly because of the time involved with it and having one of my pharmacists do it. We try to provide full coverage on our medications, checking for drug interactions, and contacting the physicians for refills on our customers’ medicine.”  

Cliffe’s also provides a free delivery service for those who can’t make it into the store to pick up their prescriptions. 

DePanfilis aims to keep the shelves fully stocked in the pharmacy consistently but expressed that supply for certain medications has been an issue for quite some time. He also shared the rising prices of medications creates some difficulty as far as filling prescriptions. 

“We get daily orders with the exception of the weekend, and we call the orders the night before and get them the next day. However, certain medications aren’t available right now and that’s one challenge we’re dealing with now and we have for quite some time, so we’ve tried to continually adjust to that to help best serve our customers.” 

Cliffe’s is a community centered store, and DePanfilis takes pride in helping the Ridgway community thrive. 

“I’ve been involved in the Ridgway community for years. I help out with the Ridgway Heritage Council and have assisted in helping out with other causes for this community in the past. We want to keep Ridgway where it is and that’s very important.” 

When asked what we can do as customers to help pharmacists out, DePanfilis says we can take some of these simple steps. 

“Make sure to know what you are taking, and if you have questions make sure you ask them. Don’t feel like you are asking a dumb question. Additionally, some of the insurance companies make it mandatory to mail order, so if people are buying insurance, they should make it known to the people who they are buying it from that they disapprove of mandatory mail orders.”

In times like these, a local store like Cliffe’s is here to serve you. A day like National Pharmacist’s Day makes you appreciate the work that the people down at Cliffe’s do every day. 

For additional information on Cliffe’s, you can call them at (814) 773-3131 or visit the store on 223 Main Street in Ridgway.

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