Local community members gather to carol for a cause in support of CAPSEA, Inc. this past Saturday, December 18th.

This past Saturday, local community members went around in the Dewey Street neighborhood in Ridgway to stop and carol at several houses. Janine Emerick, who was a part of the caroling group with her sisters and others on Saturday, opened up on why this group came together on Saturday night.

“The caroling event was thought of by us to bring back the memories and traditions of caroling in our younger days,” Emerick said. I wanted to do this event last year, but the pandemic kind of put a stop to it.” 

Emerick and her sisters plan to put on this type of event at some point during December each year. 

“My sisters and I definitely plan to do this every December and have it support a local charity. This year, it was CAPSEA. Inc. We wanted to help lighten the load of Christmas for families in need.”

CAPSEA, Inc.  is a nonprofit agency that serves residents of Elk and Cameron Counties and is committed to providing education and services to those who are impacted by violence, abuse, and crime in our area. 

Emerick was very appreciative of those who came together and joined her and others on Saturday night. 

“It means the world to us to see others come together just to spread holiday cheer with signing and to give back to our community. It is amazing that the people in our community gathered to support a local charity such as CAPSEA.”

Watch for these carolers next year as they will be putting this event on again in support of another local charity. 

This is a great example of what makes this community so great. People like Janine and the others along with her show us the true meaning of the Christmas season, and hopefully their generous hearts will inspire you this Christmas.


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