President Judge Kevin Brobson

The Honorable President Judge Kevin Brobson of the PA Superior Court is seeking Elk County's help for his election to the PA Supreme Court this November.

ELK COUNTY--President Judge Kevin Brobson said he would offer a "new voice and perspective to Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court," he said on Wednesday night at a meeting of Elk County Republicans in Weedville. "I will be a voice of reason, a defender of the law as it is written, and a champion of fair and impartial justice." "69% of Judges on the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania come from either Philadelphia or Pittsburgh," said Judge Brobson. "I am will help bring the rural voice and perspective to the Court that is sorely lacking that perspective currently."

Born and raised in Lycoming County, Brobson is the son of a retired Pennsylvania State Trooper and Air Force veteran and grandson of a former Philadelphia Police Officer. His mother worked at the Little League Baseball’s National headquarters in Williamsport. Growing up, his parents taught him that there is no substitute for hard work. Growing up, he lived in Coudersport for several years when his father was based out of the State Police barracks there.

Brobson went to college and law school in Central Pennsylvania and then clerked for a federal judge in Philadelphia before becoming an associate with Pittsburgh-headquartered Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney. He stayed in private practice for 14 years, working in commercial litigation and administrative law, eventually becoming a shareholder and practice group chair in the firm.

Since 2010, Brobson has served as a judge on the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, a statewide intermediate appellate court one step below the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. The Commonwealth Court is entrusted with the important responsibility of ensuring that government, at all levels, follows the law. He has not shied away from the controversial cases during his tenure. He has ruled in favor of gun rights, school choice, and, perhaps most notably, the justiciability of constitutional challenges to congressional districts drawn by the state legislature. His colleagues expressed their confidence in his collegiality, professionalism, and leadership when, in December 2020, they elected Kevin to serve as the 10th President Judge of the Commonwealth Court.

President Judge Brobson and his wife Lauren raise their three children in a rural community just outside of Harrisburg, in Dauphin County. Brobson is an active and engaged father and husband, often found coaching teams, cheering on the sidelines, running the after-school family shuttle, cooking dinner, and walking the family dogs. The Pennsylvania Bar Association has awarded him the highest rating. "highly recommended" for a seat on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Brobson was introduced to the assembled voters by PA Senator Cris Dush, who endorses the Judge with no reservations. "Voters know that I would only ever support a strict constructionist/originalist when it comes to my choice for the Judiciary," said Senator Dush, " If you care about your constitutional and statutory rights and protections, Judge Brobson is the candidate, with a track record, of protecting them and upholding the rule of law."

"President Judge Brobson is an ardent defender of our constitutional and statutory rights," said Senator Dush, "and has consistently demonstrated an aptitude for resolving the most difficult and complex cases, there is no question that we need to elect him as our next Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice," said Dush in closing.

Brobson took many questions from the assembled voters at the meeting on Wednesday evening, never shying away from his ardent support for Gun Rights and his Pro-Life stance. Brobson is endorsed and supported by a huge number of organizations, including the Pennsylvania Republican Party, Pennsylvania Treasurer Stacy Garrity, Pennsylvania Auditor General Tim DeFoor, the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation, the Pennsylvania State Troopers Association, the National Rifle Association, the Firearms Owners Against Crime, the Gun Owners of America, the PA ChamberPAC and The Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association.

"I want to bring a rural voice and perspective to the Superior Court," said Brobson in closing, "For too long the Supreme Court has had an overwhelmingly 'urban' mindset and outlook, and is out of touch with rural values and lifestyle, I want to be your voice on the highest Judicial Branch in Pennsylvania."

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