Johnsonburg Police Chief John Clopp

"The new cameras are barely noticeable when being worn," said Police Chief John Clopp as he stood with his individually registered camera near the docking and charging port for all of the cameras at the Police Station in Johnsonburg. 

"With the number of 'solo shifts, we run the cameras make sense," said Johnsonburg Police Chief John Clopp on Thursday at the police station on Main Street, "It helps to protect the officers and provides the accountability the public deserves."

Chief Clopp has been wearing his camera around for several weeks, "field-testing" the device to work out the new technology's kinks and sometimes push the limits.

"The charge from the battery unit can go a full 14 hours as I recently found out," said Chief Clopp, "But with most of our shifts being between eight and ten hours, it is still good to know that the camera will stay with us through longer situations."

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