Johnsonburg Council 7-12-21

Guests joined the Johnsonburg Council by zoom and in person at the July meeting on Monday.

JOHNSONBURG--While a thunderstorm raged outside, things were actually pretty calm at the Johnsonburg Borough Council meeting on Monday, with Community Center projects and comments from visitors taking up most of the two-hour meeting.

Dr. Clytheria Horning offered her services to the Borough Council as a grant writer to assist with the necessary fire alarm upgrades needed at the Johnsonburg Community Center (JCC). In addition to her helping to write the request for the fall Elk County Women Who Care meeting, she also brought up several other potential funding sources the JCC can apply for to help with the upgrades needed at the century-old building on Market Street. The Council thanked her for all that she does for Johnsonburg and agreed to support her every step along the way.

Crystal Brooks, speaking on behalf of the Mecca-Mann group introduced herself to the council members that she did not know and explained a little about the Mecca-Mann Mission, which is to help families struggling with drug dependency issues. She also highlighted the dangers of Fentanyl, which is produced in China, smuggled into the US across the border, which is directly linked to all of the recent overdoses in the County. She invited the council to learn more about the Mecca-Mann Mission by stopping by the Johnsonburg Farmers Market each Wednesday and invited everyone to Kaysie’s Sunshine Ride & Dice Run at the Kemmer Farm in Kersey on July 24 with all-day activities, a BBQ, Dice Run, and a special appearance by music recording star Jam Alker.

After 100 years a building is bound to need some work, but with the dedicated volunteers at the Johnsonburg Community Center on the job, the JCC just keeps improving each month. Once in danger of being closed down, the JCC has emerged from difficulties and is working to expand its offerings and attract more members than ever before. With the remodeled pool and weight room areas, and the new heating and cooling systems to help phase out the inefficient boiler system, there are still a few more items on the list for the Center. One of the main ones is providing a better heating and cooling system on all four floors of the building. From the basement pool and weight rooms to the third-floor conference room, there are several plans on the table, in addition to the aforementioned fire-alarm system. With the addition of new cameras covering the playground and Market Street intersection, to the painting and repairing of some of the old windows the Recreation Board, has a large variety of irons in the fire, but the Borough Council agreed to support them in several of their matters, including the bidding out of the Heating and Cooling Systems on the upper floors. Bids will be opened at the next meeting in August.

Nancy Parana and Stephanie Distler of the Johnsonburg Farmers Market attended the meeting virtually with updates of the weekly Farmers Market. Distler and Parana outlined plans for the Farmers Market with up to 17 vendors expressing an interest to attend this coming Wednesday the festival around the Brick-Block. The Johnsonburg Farmers Market takes place on Market Street every Wednesday from 2:30-6:30 p.m., with the Market hours being from 3-6 p.m. In addition to the regular local farmers, the Johnsonburg Market invites artists and musicians to the weekly event which highlights the historic district and brings fresh, locally produced food to the Downtown.

Police Chief John Clopp presented his monthly report to the Borough Council. For June, there were 353 calls for service, an increase over the past few months. Telephone calls to the station stand at 118, with signal calls at 88. Sixty-three investigations were carried out, which resulted in 38 arrests, 12 of which were for motor vehicle infractions. Six drug arrests were reported, along with 22 Family and Children cases. Eight mental health calls were also investigated. In addition, Chief Clopp advised that his officers, along with the Elk County Sheriff's Office, provided security for the recent Johnsonburg Fire Department Gun Bash, with no incidents taking place at the location. Johnsonburg is still on the lookout for several new police officers, and part-time employment applications were sent to regional police academies after the office received no responses to repeated advertisements over the past few months despite local advertising

The finance report showed no discrepancies in any accounts, and Council quickly approved the bills for payment.

The Borough Council then called the meeting to an end at 6 p.m. The next regular monthly meeting is scheduled for August 16 again at 4 p.m. in the Council Chambers.

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