JMA 6-9-21

The Johnsonburg Municipal Authority sought answers from their engineers and legal counsel on the delay in receiving final approval from the PA Department of Environmental Protection to open the new water plant. 

JOHNSONBURG--The final Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) report is all that is standing in the way of the Johnsonburg Municipal Authority (JMA) turning on and using the new water treatment plant. The project, 8 years in the making, has all of the substantial construction complete but has yet to receive final approval from the DEP. 

Engineers Josh Gunnett of GD&F and Travis Long of JHA appeared at the meeting through the Zoom platform and fielded numerous questions from board members concerning the delay in obtaining the final approval from DEP to switch over from the current system using both the Powers Run and Silver Creek water plants to the new facility on Glenn and First Avenues. "What more do we have to do?" was the general question asked by multiple members of the JMA board, seeking advice as to how they address the prolonged process that was estimated to have been completed in March and April. The engineers reported that they received the DEP report near the end of last month and had a response prepared and submitted within a week to address all of the DEP's concerns during their walk-through of the plant last month. They are waiting on the DEP response after providing them with all information requested of them and are expecting a response to be forthcoming within two weeks. Once they have that report, a final inspection can occur, and the plant could be deemed operational within days.   

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