KERSEY--You can't keep a bunch of great women down, and when the International Lion's Club decided to dissolve its Women's Auxillary clubs, the fantastic volunteers in Fox Township simply reformed themselves into the Fox Township Woman's Club.

This diverse group of women from Kersey and the surrounding areas holds fundraising events all year long, from dinners to basket raffles to a food stand at the Elk County Fair. Roxanne Skrzypek of the Fox Township Women's Club thanked all those gathered for the basket auction at the Community Building on Sunday. She explained the name change for all those questioning and reaffirmed the group's commitment to help out and support local people with local fundraising. Over the past year, the group has given out over $10,000 to people struggling through hard times, such as fires, hospital stays, and medical expenses. They also donate to the Guardian Angel Center in Kersey, which gives out new and used clothing to children in lower-income families.

"We are here to stay and want to thank all of you," said Skrzypek, "And though the name has changed, our mission hasn't. Reach out to us when you are in need."

Considering the turnout for the Sunday Event, the Fox Township Women's Club is Here to Stay.

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