Elk County Courtroom New Seating

The new seating in the Elk County Main Courtroom will be getting a workout over the next few months as the huge backlog of cases that piled up during the COVID-19 shutdown make their way through the justice system. (Photo of the Elk County Main Courtroom taken with the courtesy of President Judge Shawn T. McMahon, when the courtroom was empty, Cameras and cellular phones are not allowed at any time on the second floor of Elk County Courthouse save by Judicial permission.) 

ELK COUNTY--The Honorable Shawn T. McMahon, President Judge of Elk and Cameron Counties, issued five bench warrants for the third Return Day of May for the 59th Judicial District this past Friday. A Bench warrant is really a court order that a judge may issue when a person commits contempt of court, such as failing to appear for a scheduled court date. Bench warrants can be issued in both criminal and civil matters. A bench warrant authorizes the immediate on-site arrest of the individual subject to the bench warrant. If they are currently out on bail or parole, that is generally also revoked, and the individual will be taken into custody. Any of the persons named should immediately contact their local law enforcement agency to avoid more charges being filed.

An earlier version of this story incorrectly named Evan Daniel Dunlap, 22, of St. Marys. Dunlap does not have a bench warrant for his appearance and did appear in court for his charges.

The reporter on this case personally apologies to Mr. Dunlap, his family, and his attorney George Nejm Daghir. A new court procedure caused confusion with the reporting.

Read more about it in Monday's Ridgway Record. 

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