Elk County Election Office Director Kimberly S. Frey

Elk County Election Office Director Kimberly S. Frey at the Office on Tuesday in Ridgway.

ELK COUNTY--The upcoming general election in November is approaching quickly, and Elk County Election Office Director Kimberly S. Frey and her staff want to make sure all eligible voters are aware of upcoming deadlines for the election.
"We now have 20,100 registered voters," said Elections Director Kimberly Frey excitedly on Tuesday, "That's the first time we have reached that number since I've been here."
The Elk County Registered Voters total now stands at 20,100 for the first time in recent years. With the last population total published in 2019 of 29,910, over 67% of the people living in Elk County are registered to vote in the upcoming General Election on November 2. Elk County has been losing population since the early 1980s, and with population decline comes a natural decrease in registered voters. This general election last year seems to have reversed the trend, at least among registered voters.
With the election just a little less than a month away, the Elk County Elections Office has been hard at work getting ready. The Elections Office began sending out the over 1,420 requested mail-in ballots for the General Election last month.  
If you requested a mail-in ballot carefully, check to ensure you have all the items inside when you open it. Inside, you'll find instructions for voting by mail-in or absentee ballot, your ballot, a secrecy envelope in which to place your ballot, and a larger mailing envelope in which to place the secrecy envelope that will hold your ballot. You will fill the larger envelope out with your return address, signature, and date. Each ballot going out the door has been requested by the voter and checked against the current county election database for security. Unlike some states, Pennsylvania is not mass-mailing out ballots to every registered voter but only to those who request them.
The deadline to register to vote is coming up on October 18, which is also the last day to change your political party or address. The last day to request a mail-in ballot is October 26, just a week before the General Election on November 3.
"The General Election will take place on November 2, from 7 am until 8 pm. All polling locations in Elk County will be open the full day," Elections Director Kimberly Frey said. The Election Office is open M-F from 8:30 am until 4 pm and can be reached at 814-776-5337 during those hours at their location at 300 Center Street in Ridgway. 
The Ballot Drop-off box is also now available at the Elk County Elections office during regular business hours.

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