The Elk County Commissioners visited the CYS offices on Tuesday to personally thank them for their work during Child Welfare Professional  Awareness Week

The Elk County Commissioners visited the CYS offices on Tuesday to personally thank them for their work during Child Welfare Professional  Awareness Week

RIDGWAY--Elk County Children and Youth Services (CYS) is currently seeking new foster parents in light of an ever-increasing demand for their services.
This need was highlighted when the Elk County Commissioners stopped by and dropped off some treats to the CYS to mark  Child Welfare Professional  Awareness Week, which runs from June 6-10. Child Welfare Professionals Awareness Week recognizes the men and women doing that difficult job, working long hours every day to provide safety, permanence, and well-being for children across Elk County around the clock. The Elk County Commissioners dropped by the CYS Offices located in the Courthouse Annex in Ridgway on Tuesday, dropping off some tasty baked goods, and listened while the workers spoke about their experiences and the sacrifices of their time and energy for youth in need as well as the unique challenges faced by the caregiving professionals. 
One of the most significant immediate needs for Elk County CYS is to find new Foster Parent Families. During the pandemic, the need for CYS fostering aspects has only increased, and currently, some Elk County Children are being housed out of the county as there are simply not enough foster parents in the community. 
All children deserve and benefit from the love of a family. Foster parenting is a significant and rewarding opportunity that helps shape brighter futures. Youth in foster care often have special emotional, educational, and health needs related to their experiences stemming from abuse and neglect. Elk County Children and Youth Services are currently looking for new families to open their homes to these deserving children.
If you are interested in becoming a Foster Parent, please get in touch with the agency at:
Elk County Children and Youth Services
Tammy VanGorder
Foster Care/Adoption coordinator
(814) 776-1553

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