Elk County Commissioners May 2021

Members of the Christian Food Bank in St. Marys attend the Elk County Commissioners Meeting on Tuesday in Ridgway.

RIDGWAY--Daghir Construction Inc of St. Marys was the award-winning bid for constructing the new drive-through at the Christian Food Bank on South Michael Road.

Members of the Christian Food Bank attend the Tuesday meeting of the Elk County Commissioners, and along with Elk County Chief Clerk Seth Higgins and County CDBC Coordinator Tracey Gerber, reviewed the proposal from Daghir Construction Inc for $166,390 for the complete project. The Elk County Commissioners, Fritz Lecker and Matt Quesenberry voted in favor of the project, with Joe Daghir recusing himself from the vote since his brother was the bidder. The County will direct $150,000 in CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) funding to the endeavor, with 77% of the funding coming from the St. Marys portion of CDBG and an additional 23% from the Elk County portion. The City of St. Marys has tentatively agreed to fund the remaining portion of the costs with the Commissioners approval of the bid resting on the final decision of the City Council's next meeting. Member of the Food Bank that attended the meeting thanked Elk County for their generosity and explained that this project will help them serve more community members, not just in St. Marys but throughout the County. The Christian Food Bank in St. Marys regularly serves as a warehouse for food shipments and provides additional boxes to the Good Samaritan Food Bank in Ridgway and the Helping Hands Food Panty in Johnsonburg.

Read about more about it in the Ridgway Record on Wednesday.

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