Elk County Commissioners meeting

One of the major agenda items discussed in Tuesday's Commissioners was the approval of specific benefits for County of Elk Employees in 2023.


RIDGWAY- Tuesday’s Elk County Commissioners meeting began with discussing the ratification of the 2023 short term disability policy for employees of the County of Elk. Items in this policy include life and AD and D ( accidental death and dismemberment) insurance and short term disability benefits.  Pat Straub, who is the Chief Clerk of Elk County, said that the county decided to put out consideration proposals back in September. Straub outlined two objectives, one of which was to get a local agent involved with a national carrier, and the other was to save money. The Chief Clerk announced in Tuesday’s meeting that Anderson and Kime benefit services were selected to provide the group of three benefits. With this selection, the county will save $2,955 per month and $35,464 per year. These benefits will go into effect on January 1, 2023. Straub went on to say that the exact same coverage will be maintained for all county employees, and the only things that are changed is the agent, the underlying insurance carrier, and the premium. The Commissioners approved an application by the Ridgway Heritage Council for use of the Courthouse Lawn to display holiday scenes including the nativity, trees, and more. The use of the Courthouse Lawn for displays will go until January 15. Applications for Liquid Fuels Tax Funds as well as the Elk County Tourism Marketing grant for the Elk County Tourism Association were approved Tuesday morning. The Liquid Fuels Tax Funds will go towards the purchase of four loads of bulk road salt. The total amount funded will come out to $6,000, and the total estimated cost of the purchase is $8,000. The total amount of the Elk County Tourism Marketing grant is $3,000. A renewal of an existing agreement was reached for the County of Elk to act as the lead agency for The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) administered by Northern Tier Community Action. Commissioner Joe Daghir spoke highly of Northern Tier Community Action, pointing out the great work in dispersing monies where it is needed most. Following Daghir comments, Commissioner Matt Quesenberry thanked Elk County Director of elections Kim Frey and poll workers for a smooth process for last week’s midterm election day. Elk County solicitor Tom Wagner added that Elk County has a safe, reliable voting system and emphasized that importance. LeeAnn Covac, District Court Administrator for the Fifty-Ninth Judicial District of Pennsylvania of Elk and Cameron Counties,  was in attendance for Tuesday's meeting to discuss with the Commissioners a recent consolidation between the Domestic Relation Section in the two counties. Covac made it clear that the consolidation between those operational and administrative elements have been consolidated, and the services to clients in the Domestic Relations section will not change. This consolidation will take effect January 1, 2023. She added that there has been excellent communication and work done by all parties involved to make this process run smoothly. The next Commissioners meeting will be held on December 6 at 10 a.m. at the Courthouse Annex in Conference Room #2.

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