Kersey High School Reunion Clairification

Memorabilia from the Kersey High School

Graduates of the Kersey High School were looking back 62 years, not 61, as mentioned in the article as the School closed in 1959. Alysia Snyder received the annual Scholarship a year ago, not this year. and the Four Troubadours were Mary Ellen Badeau (’52), Roger Beimel (’61), Merv Kemmer (’62) and Wil Shirey filling in as a guest. Organizers of the Reunion were Mary Ellen Swanson Badeau (’52), Roger Beimel (’61), Ken Blessel (’61), Hazel Lavella Luchini (’44), Kathy (Dolly) Pontzer Tanouye, and Karen Olson Shirey (’59) who also organized the program and music. The next Reunion is scheduled for July 9, 2022. Photo by Brian D. Stockman

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