RIDGWAY-- After the last day for filing nomination petitions, the Secretary of the Commonwealth must fix a day for casting lots to determine the position of names on the primary ballots. March 14, 2023, was selected this year, with the meeting set to begin at 11 am. The casting of lots for all public offices is traditionally conducted for Elk County at the Courthouse Annex. Each candidate for public office is allowed to roll a number to determine their position on the primary ballot. The candidate who draws the lower number receives the higher place on the primary ballot. If a candidate is not present at the ballot position lottery, the candidate may authorize a proxy to draw the candidate's lot on their behalf. If the candidate or a representative is not present, a member of the Election Board will draw the candidate's lot. In cases where only one candidate is on the ballot, they will be the only ones listed. In cases of no candidates, there will only be a write-in box. In cases of multiple candidates' ballot positions will be listed numerically after their name and party affiliation. Because there will be two ballots, One Republican, One Democratic, there will be different ballot positions based on parties for candidates who have cross-filed.

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