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“A Christmas Service of Healing and Hope” is set to take place on December 21st at the Johnsonburg United Methodist Church at 6:30 p.m. 

Reverend Matt Williams, a pastor at the Johnsonburg United Methodist Church, talked about how the service provides a space for the community to come together during the holidays, and remind people that they are not alone during the Christmas season. 

The idea for the service was first thought of based on a series of collaborations between Reverend Williams and Reverend Stephen Fair of the St. John Lutheran Church in Johnsonburg. 

“We have a strong desire to do ministry together within our community because even though we have different ways of expressing our faith in Jesus, we share a common goal-making disciples of Jesus Chirst. We wanted to create a service in this busy holiday season where folks could slow down and remember that their pain is not forgotten, and that there is hope amid the pain,” Rev. Williams said. 

He continued by reflecting on how important it is for the community to gather and celebrate the true reason for the Christmas season. 

“We think that gathering to celebrate the birth of Jesus during the Chritsmas season is an important part of our faith. The earliest people to celebrate the birth of Jesus were a community of shepherds, a gathering of angels, and a group of magi. We are gathering for this service not just to celebrate the birth of Jesus, but to recognize that in the community, we do not carry the struggles and burdens we have alone.” 

This service will give attendees a time to have a moment of peace and reflection during this crazy Christmas season. 

“This service is not meant to just be another addition on an already busy schedule. Rather, this service is designed to be a time where you can come without any expectation except to receive a pause for reflection, remembrance, and peace,” Rev. Williams said. 

According to Rev. Williams, this will be a low-key, come as you are service. There will be time to pray and a singing of a few verses of “Silent Night” with a twist. 

For additional information, you can visit the Johnsonburg United Methodist Facebook page at www.facebook.com/johnsonburgumc. The event information for this service is pinned to the top of the page.

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