They were down a Junior Queen for the ceremony, but the combined Kings and Queens for '20 and '21 were announced in Johnsonburg before the beginning of the Prom on Wednesday evening. Due to the Prom being canceled last year, the Royal Court for '20 was announced with this year's honorees. The '20 Queen Emma King was joined by '21 Queen Sarah Love, along with '20 Junior Queens Megan Binkowski, while missing '21 Junior Queen Tess Kojancic was absent from the photo. The King for '20 was Cole Hayes joined by '21 King Cole Haight. Junior Kings were Eric Cristoff and Collin Porter, respectively. Due to JAHS restrictions, no spectators were permitted inside the Johnsonburg Fire Hall, where the Prom took place this year for health safety reasons. Parents and loved ones gathered outside for more photo

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