YMCA continues to serve childcare needs

With inconsistent and differing schedules plaguing families across the country, the Ridgway YMCA steps up to the play with their childcare center which is "home for many children" every day."We offer a complete before school, after school and all day child care program," said Shawna Steger, childcare director. "We take pride in being able to offer our children a complete preschool curriculum. "It is important that we provide them with the tools that they will need to get them ready for kindergarten."The daycare center is located at the Francis S. Grandinetti Elementary School along Boot Jack Road. "Being in this environment is a great asset for our program," Steger said. "We prepare them with the steps needed to make the transition from day care to school an easy one."We are licensed facility and Stars II certified. We provide quality care with lots of fun activities."