Weightlifters excel at powerlifting meet

Area YMCA patrons competed March 10 in the Beast of the Northeast powerlifting competition at the Fitness Connection in Warren and came away with an impressive haul of awards."Many times at the Ridgway YMCA, we turn to volunteers who can help us make our YMCA a little extra special," said Mary Lynne Bellotti, executive director at the Ridgway YMCA. "I am very thankful to have Greg 'Lumpy' Scarnati as one of those volunteers. Lumpy has been promoting weightlifting in our YMCA free weight room for several years. "On March 10, ten of our YMCA members entered a weight lifting competition, the Beast of the Northeast at the Fitness Connection in Warren."New members are always welcomed to join the group. "It makes us proud at the YMCA to see our members take what they are doing here and apply it outside our facility," Bellotti said.