Water line replacement project moves forward

Following a recommendation from the Water, Sewer, Refuse and Streets Committee, the Borough of Ridgway will move forward with a water line replacement project at the Laurel Mill Reservoir.According to the committee's report, the upgrade will include replacing two 12-inch water mains from the reservoir to the Clarion River. Environmental Manager Paul McCurdy discussed using one 18-inch line as an alternative to replacing the two lines to save money but said in the event of an emergency, the Borough of Ridgway could wind up without water if something happened to that main line."We looked at other cost-saving options," McCurdy said. "Putting in one 18 [-inch line] as opposed to two 12's, you lose that duality with the bottleneck. If we lose a line we don't have water coming in to town, so the consensus is we are best off putting in two 12's for liability and longevity."The Water, Sewer, Refuse and Street Committee report states: "Based on projected useful life projections compared to cost it is the consensus of the committee, staff and engineer that digging up and replacing the pipes is the best choice."Cost estimates will be prepared at a later date.No action from council was needed.In other business, McCurdy announced the arrival of a NPDES [National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System] report."I have been predicting the imminence of the new NPDES report," McCurdy said. "It came [Monday]. I am still digesting it. We have a lot more analytical work to do as a result of it and a lot more record-keeping and so on but with our present facility we should be able to meet limits and there is no new capital investment required to satisfy it and we will get that in hand and comply with it like we have all along."Pick up a copy of the Tuesday, July 17, 2012 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.Next meetingRidgway Borough CouncilMonday, Aug. 207 p.m.Borough Building