Vo-Ag students help PA Game Commission

Bob Parana - Staff Writer

Once again Johnsonburg and Ridgway sophomore Vo-Ag students helped the Pennsylvania Game Commission with the refurbishing of a bear trap. The school has previously helped the Commission with past refurbishing projects.
The VO-Ag II students had completed three-quarters of the project before the closing of schools due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While Johnsonburg Vo-Ag instructor Chuck Charney’s students were unable to complete the refurbishing, Pennsylvania Game Warden Sue Edmiston was thankful for the effort. The re-installation of bearings and other work improved the trap making it ready for use. “I’m very happy the Vo-Ag program participated in the bear trap maintenance and repairs. They’ve done them for me and other officers in the past. They always do an excellent job and I’m happy to have them do it. It’s a much-needed service. They get something out of it and the Game Commission gets a benefit from it,” said Edmiston who noted students earn community service hours for the work. Dom Holley, Zeke Oknefski, Nico Soloman, Ally Kronenwetter, Chris Redmond, and Cody Crawford were the students involved with the project.
While here have been bear-sightings as of late (one in my backyard) Edmiston hasn’t seen a lot of movement by the bruins yet.“I haven’t seen a lot this early on but to prevent nuisance issues it is time for anybody that has food sources out to take them down. People should also secure their trash the best they can until it’s close to [trash pick-up],” she said.