Treatment plant remains center of attention

JOHNSONBURG – The Johnsonburg Municipal Authority met Tuesday night during its regular meeting to discuss the progress of the waste water treatment plant."We are really at the point where we need to have a discussion about the closing of the job and what's going to be involved," said engineer Dan Guss. "The total project cost will stay within budget provided costs for extra engineering due to the most recent six months of delay are deducted from the general contractor's retainage."The total incurred cost as of July 1, including retainage, is $14,097,217.74.The project's budget as of April 19 is $14,319,088.The total incurred costs for the construction of the plant as of July 1 is $11,899.926.41. The budget for the construction is $11,953,900 as of April 19.The construction budget includes an added estimate of 1.5 percent of construction change orders. The incurred construction costs include retainage of $591,729.16 total on both construction contracts.Authority members approved a payment request from PENNVEST, which includes all PENNVEST-payable project costs from June 2 to July 1 for $31,789.49.A payment application from McCrossin for $99,144.46 for work completed in June was unanimously rejected.Pick up a copy of the Wednesday, July 20, 2011 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.Next meetingJohnsonburg Municipal AuthorityTuesday, Aug. 166 p.m.Municipal Office