Treatment plant nearing completion

JOHNSONBURG – The Johnsonburg Municipal Authority held their regular meeting Tuesday night to discuss the progress of the waste water treatment plant."The total project costs will stay within budget provided costs for extra engineering due to the most recent six months of delay are deducted from the general contractor's retainage," said engineer Dan Guss.The incurred costs for the project as of July 1 are $14,199,677.33 out of a projected budget of $14,319,088.According to Guss, the treatment plant has remained in full operation since May 31."Operating results have been very good and within DEP limits," Guss said.Guss noted the "punch list" for McCrossin is down 100 items or less including all computer items. The value of the punch list is less than $100,000, including $25,000 of spare parts to be supplied by the computer supplier.Pick up a copy of the Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2011 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.Next meetingJohnsonburg Municipal AuthorityTuesday, Sept. 20Municipal Office6 p.m.