Treatment plant faces setbacks

JOHNSONBURG – The wastewater treatment plant upgrade project is in its final stages of completion.During Tuesday's Johnsonburg Municipal Authority meeting, Uni-Tec Engineer Dan Guss said the project is in the process of being closed but due to a technical problem with the PENNVEST computer system they have been unable to process a recent payment request."The computer-based final payment request of $762,641.20 is still held up by technical problems with the final entry in the PENNVEST website," Guss said. "PENNVEST has been working on the problem, the final adjustments were not completed so that the request could go through. "Since this is the final payment, even after this problem is solved, there may still be additional 'red tape' involved until the final payment is actually made to the authority."Guss noted that the Authority has all of the information entered into the PENNVEST website."It's not the fault of anybody in the Authority," Guss said. "It's just the way their system works and they can't get it to run right. [PENNVEST] keeps saying they have the trouble ticket in and it's going to be taken care of."It's too bad because it's going to cost you interest money from that last payment."Pick up a copy of the Saturday, Aug. 25, 2012 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.