Titchner announces grant received for new baler

Elk County Recycling/Solid Waste Coordinator Bekki Titchner announced during Tuesday afternoon's Solid Waste Authority meeting that she was successful in obtaining a grant from the Stackpole Hall Foundation to aid in the purchase of a new baler for the Community Recycling Center, which is located at the Stackpole Complex in St. Marys."We had asked for money for a new baler because the one we're using right now is at least 20 years old. It's owned by JSAR Recycling, and the amount of money we're getting for commodities is significantly less because of the fact that they own that baler. It also keeps us from marketing our materials to anybody else if we could get better prices because we have that baler," Titchner said. Titchner added that the type of baler being considered will also be easier for the center's volunteer staff, which consists mostly of retirees, to use. "Loading the baler is quite a challenge [for them], especially with plastics," Titchner said. Titchner noted that prior to approving her grant request, members of the Stackpole Hall Foundation's board toured the center, as well as the electronics collection site, which is also located within the Stackpole Complex. "The board asked a lot of really good questions of the volunteers working that day," Titchner said. "We gave them an extensive document to look at. We had asked for money for a baler and they gave us money for a baler. They gave us $75,000 for a baler."Next meeting:Elk County Solid Waste AuthorityDate: Tuesday, Sept. 27Time: 3 p.m. Place: Veolia Greentree LandfillPick up a copy of the Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2011 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.