Time taking toll on bridge, prices

While initial plans for the Spring Creek Bridge replacement project were to have already commenced this spring, township supervisors indicated Monday night that unforeseen errors and elevated prices have jeopardized plans."The state dropped the ball is what happened," said supervisor and chairman Richard Wittman. "There was a lot of stuff that the state had that fell through that should've been done. Because of that, the bids for the bridge have been postponed to probably January of 2012. "When we were in a meeting last year, the bridge by now would be in the water. The bridge was supposed to go to bid in March to be opened in May, and construction should've started by now."According to Wittman, several necessary items were misplaced by state officials which prevented the project from reaching fruition."Somebody in the state office somewhere missed a whole bunch of paperwork that had to be done," Wittman said. "There are only two property-owners that we're dealing with down there-- the Game Commission, which to our understanding, when we were down there they were already satisfied."Pick up a copy of the Tuesday, June 14, 2011 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.Next meeting:Spring Creek Township Board of SupervisorsWhen: Monday, July 11Where: Spring Creek Township Building, 2491 Spring Creek Rd.Time: 6 p.m.