Teacher shares her love for reading

JOHNSONBURG – Kristine Breindel, the new Title I reading teacher at Johnsonburg Elementary School, can truly share her love for reading with her students because she says she truly does love to read. “I realize this sounds cliché but I truly do love to read,” Breindel said. “My family always comments on how I spend my spare time reading.”Breindel enjoys teaching because she gets to help her students with a meaningful task. “I enjoy being there each day to work with the students in order to provide reading and writing support in a relevant and meaningful way,” said Breindel.Breindel said she became a teacher because she has always enjoyed working with children. For her first year of teaching, Breindel hopes to establish a good rapport with the students and faculty.  In order to help the children learn and better enjoy reading and writing, Breindel said she tries to understand their learning tendencies. “As I get to know the students I try to understand how they learn best,” she said. “I try to decipher what their interests are in order to attempt to incorporate things of interest to the students.”Breindel holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and a Master’s in Education from Slippery Rock University. Breindel is a certified reading specialist. This coming fall, Breindel will also be certified to teach English as a second language.When it comes to working for the Johnsonburg Area School District, Breindel says she is truly thankful. “I am truly blessed to have been chosen to work for the Johnsonburg Area School District,” Breindel said. “The faculty and students have all been wonderful.”