Supervisors discuss zoning issue

West End Grocery at 608 Oak Street in Ridgway Township has put a hold on barbecuing following a complaint from a neighbor.Store owner Greg Moore attended Tuesday's Ridgway Township board of supervisors meeting in hopes to resolve a zoning dispute that prohibits outdoor cooking for commercial use.Township resident Lee Briggs voiced her concern over the matter at the beginning of the meeting."I understand there was an opinion out of the township that I think was made in haste and I think it should be reconsidered," Briggs said. "It's my understanding the store down here was sent a notice or told that they were not allowed to barbecue in their backyard and I know this office gets very busy and I think an opinion was granted before it was thought through."Briggs said she toured the area and located 18 barbecue grills, eight fire pits and three burn barrels. "My house is closer to my neighbor than they are to the neighbor that complained," Briggs said. "My neighbors barbecue all the time on their deck, when the smoke comes in my house being a good neighbor I shut my door. I don't think we should be any different from the borough."Briggs said Greg and his wife Cara Lea Moore attended a recent zoning hearing board meeting."They didn't ask about barbecuing," Briggs said. "They asked about a smokehouse, and they were turned down."Supervisor Milly Bowers said there is a difference between residential cooking and cooking for commercial purposes."And therein lies the problem," Bowers said. "They were turned down for the smokehouse. They did not ask to barbecue as part of the business. Residential barbecuing and barbecuing for business is two separate issues. "When they were turned down at the hearing for the smokehouse it was because some of the neighbors down that way had complained of the smoke," Bowers said. "I think it was more than one."There is a difference between residential use and business. It's an extension of the business."Pick up a copy of the Friday, April 20, 2012 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.