Superintendent responds to Corbett's call for vouchers

Ridgway Area School District superintendent Dr. Michael O'Brien responded to Gov. Tom Corbett's push for taxpayer-paid vouchers during Tuesday night's school board meeting."The governor is marching along with his desire for vouchers to take public money and send that to private or charter schools regardless of whether there is a religious affiliation or not and the amazing part for me is as I looked at the PSPA [Pennsylvania Schools Press Association] report; eight consecutive years now Pennsylvania public education has outperformed the predictions of the state," O'Brien said.During the meeting O'Brien passed out a report from the School Leader News to board members."In the report here, there is a reporter analyzing last year's performance of public schools and it's amazing because if you follow PSSA [Pennsylvania System of School Assessment] benchmarks," O'Brien said, "PSAA when it came out was supposed to be used to give the schools information to help them design instruction. There was never an intent that it would be used to punish children or punish school districts, however, that is the political club that is being swung now."Pick up a copy of the Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2011 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.Next meetingRidgway Area School DistrictSchool BoardTuesday, Nov. 86:30 p.m.Francis S. Grandinetti Elementary School library