Summer months brighten YMCA

According to Ridgway YMCA executive director Mary Lynne Bellotti, the popular North Broad Street facility has flourished as of late, especially during the summer months."There is a whole lot going on at the Ridgway YMCA this summer," Bellotti said. "We have been on the go nonstop."Among the bright spots provided by the facility and its employees is the Ridgway YMCA Summer Camp program, an initiative offered from the time local schools go out of session right up until the first day of classes in the fall."I feel this year’s program has been one of the best for us," Bellotti said. "We have been able to offer them more programs, do some awesome crafts and go on some pretty neat field trips."The Ridgway YMCA is the home for between 20 and 35 youths, each day lasting 12 weeks throughout the summer. "It is a great program," Bellotti said. "It gets the kids off of the couch and out of the house. "The daily activities consist of going to the park, doing crafts, swimming, playing games and making new friends."