Striders hold BZ 5K Classic

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Seventy-four runners in seven female and seven male classes competed at Saturday’s BZ 5K Classic sponsored by the Elk County Striders. The race was named for Ben Zappa an original organizer of the Striders in 1983. He was in attendance at the event. The run was held along the Clarion-Little Toby-rail-trail in Ridgway

The overall winner was Harley Thompson of St. Marys who finished with a time of 16:23.12. Benny Hoffman (16:52.25) of St. Marys placed second, Jacob Carnovale (17:06.00) of St. Marys third, Harrisburg’s Matt Lipsey (17:11.78) fourth, and Dalton Keglouits (17:40.72) of Coudersport finished fifth.

Kalynne Ziegler was the top female finisher with a time of 21:42.10 which was good for 18th overall. Also in the female top five were Samantha Hayes of St. Marys (21:55.24, 19th), Molly Quesenberry (22:46.84, 21st) and Megan Quesenberry (22:59.54, 23rd) of St. Marys, and Michelle Adams (23:12.18, 25th) of Harrisburg.

The top female finishers in the seven classes included age 1-12 – Maggie Shaffer (Brookville, 28:58.62), age 13-19 – Kalynne Ziegler (21:42.10), age 20-29 – Lillian Myers (Fort Lauderdale, FL, 30:29.43), age 30-39 – Michelle Adams (Harrisburg, 23:12.18), age 40-49 – Molly Quesenberry (22:46.84), age 50-59 – Beth Horning (Ridgway, 27:58.26), and age 70-over – Beverly Yates (Ridgway, 29.31.52).

The top male finishers in each class included age 1-12 – Liam Macer (Ridgway, 22:22.47), age 13-19 – Benny Hoffman (St. Marys, 16:52.25), age 20-29 – Harley Thompson (St. Marys 16:23.12), age 30-39 – Matt Lipsey (Harrisburg, 17:11.78), age 40-49 – Ryan Geer (Kane, 19:38.43), age 50-59 – Steven Gleixner (St. Marys, 27:44.17), and age 60-69 – Tom Gooch (Coudersport, 23:04.o5).

The BZ 5K Classic, previously named the Elk County Classic, was the first leg of the 2020 Elk County Striders Triple Crown race series. Also included are the Dehoga Dash 5K which will be held July 26 and the Lee Foster Memorial 5k set for Aug. 8.

Finishers by order by Class


Age 1-12: Maggie Shaffer (Brookville), Elizabeth Nicklas (Ridgway), Peyton Adamson (St. Marys).

Age 13-19: Kalynne Ziegler (Seneca), Samantha Hayes (St. Marys), Megan Quesenberry (St. Marys), Lucia Hayes (St. Marys), Delaney Yarus (DuBois), Isabella Macer (Ridgway).

Ages 20-29: Lillian Myers (Fort Lauderdale, FL), Larissa Woodford (Ridgway), Kiana Myers (Johnsonburg), Rebecca Myers (Pittsburgh).

Ages 30-39: Michelle Adams (Harrisburg), Leanna Shaffer (Brookville), Jeana Bolin (Emporium), Sasha Woodford (Kersey), Patricia Macer (Ridgway), Heidi Nicklas (Ridgway), Cassie Kreckel (St. Marys).

Ages 40-49: Molly Quesenberry (St. Marys), Crystal Tutton (Ridgway), Marilyn Gahr (Ridgway), Alana Martin (Ridgway), Renee Petruna (St. Marys), Andrea Caylor (Punxsutawney), Jennifer Adamson (St. Marys).

Ages 50-59: Beth Horning (Ridgway), Melissa Myers (Johnsonburg), Fe Caruso (Erie), Karen Hutton (Emporium).

Ages 70-79: Beverly Yates (Ridgway), Marilyn Mitcheltree (Ridgway).


Ages 1-12: Liam Macer (Ridgway), Jeremiah (Nicklas), Drew Tutton (Ridgway).

Ages 13-19: Benny Hoffman (St. Marys), Jacob Carnovale (St. Marys), Micah Williamson (Falls Creek), Jaedon Yarus (DuBois), Bobby Urmann (Ridgway).

Ages 20-29: Harley Thompson (St. Marys), Josh Woodford (Kersey), Zach Wortman (St. Marys), Joel Pistner (St. Marys), Jeff Slattery (Ridgway), Tyler Kiebler (Clarksburg), William Keesler (Mt. Jewett), Ross Brennen (St. Marys), Marky Myers (Fort Lauderdale, FL).

Ages 30-39: Matt Lipsey (Harrisburg), Stephen Dellaquila (St. Marys), Tim Ribovic (Wilcox), Joseph Woodford (Ridgway), Jeffery Weidow (St. Marys), Nate Dippold (St. Marys), Cody Renninger (Clearfield), Daniel Fox (Weedville), David Ketter (Ambridge), David Horning (St. Marys).

40-49: Ryan Geer (Kane), Rick Gabler (St. Marys), Cory Yarus (DuBois).

50-59: Steven Gleixner (St. Marys), Rodney Brennen (St. Marys), Mark Myers (Johnsonburg), Matt Quesenberry (St. Marys).

60-69: Tom Gooch (Coudersport), Greg Burns (Ridgway), Tom Werner (St. Marys), Tom Hutton (Emporium), Mike Mitskavich (DuBois), Bill Keesler (Mt. Jewett).

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