St. Marys comic to perform at weekend concert

Area residents attending Saturday’s Kentucky Headhunters/Confederate Railroad concert will also be treated to the comedy stylings of St. Marys native Brad Leviski, who goes by the stage name of “Bubba Bradley.” Leviski said he had always thought about being a comic, but never really got the opportunity until about three and a half years ago. "I was working at a bar in Montana. I was the head bouncer. A buddy of mine knew a comic in L.A. and had him come in and do a show. They wanted somebody to warm up the crowd for five minutes and I volunteered," Leviski said. "The comic loved me. I did a second warm-up for him and he said, 'We're leaving on Tuesday. I want to take you on the road.'"Leviski said the comic helped mentor him and showed him the ropes of the comedy business. After getting a manager and an agent, Leviski began doing some shows, which eventually led to a big coup for such a short time in the business."The first show I ever did was in Washington at Joker's Comic Club. The manager soon after that got me an audition for 'Last Comic Standing' on NBC,'" Leviski said. "I made it through the first three episodes. "I learned a lot of humility on that show. I think being so new to the business and making it as far as I did was amazing. Just that credit alone allowed me to get into the bigger clubs in the U.S., which kind of kick-started my career." In addition to "Last Comic Standing," he has done multiple appearances on different shows on NBC. Leviski was also in the World Series of Comedy last year, in which 2,000 comics from across the country try to get in and only 100 are chosen. He finished in the top five in the wild-card round out of 50 comics. He said even though he has some really great comic credits, comedy is still a business and is not for the faint of heart. "It's very tough to break into. The first year, I pretty much spent sleeping in my car, and rolling from town to town. The first gig I would get paid, and sometimes it [the money] would only get me far enough to get to the next one," Leviski said. Leviski, who was voted class clown in his senior year of high school, will perform Saturday evening for approximately 20 minutes in the intermission between the two bands. "I love Confederate Railroad. I've loved them for a long time. To get a chance to hang out with those guys is really, really cool," Leviski said, adding that he is grateful to Sandy Buerk, owner of St. Marys Auto Body, which is sponsoring the concert, for inviting him to perform. Leviski described his style as a "storyteller" and blue-collar with his "Bubba Bradley" persona. He admires comics Ron White and Mitch Hedberg especially and says he gets his own material through his life experiences. Pick up a copy of the Thursday, March 1, 2012 of The Ridgway Record for more.