Solid Waste authority pursuing recycling grant

At Tuesday's meeting of the Elk County Solid Waste Authority, Elk County Recycling/ Solid Waste Coordinator Bekki Titchner said the county would be pursuing a recycling program (902) grant from the state. "For the first time in about three years, there is going to be a recycling program equipment grant, but it's a lot more substantial than the last one we applied for," said Titchner, explaining that this round of grants requires a great deal more of information to be submitted to the state. "There's a lot more information they are requesting." The state Department of Environmental Protection is planning to visit the Elk County Recycling Center to see the operation firsthand. A fork truck, vertical baler and permanent, plastic storage containers for recyclable materials are items currently on the grant wish list for the center. Titchner said although Metco Industries is nice enough to provide the center with boxes at this time, even though they are made of sturdy cardboard they do eventually wear and fall apart. Titchner said the grant funding could also be used for "public education," which includes distributing refrigerator magnets listing the center's hours and the items accepted. This is something the SWA has wanted to do for a while. A public notice will be published in area newspapers as required by law stating that grant funding is being sought. Grant applications are due to the DEP by the end of June. "I'm hoping that nothing slows us down. I'm hoping that we're not tied to any municipalities with this grant," Titchner said. A variety of upcoming collection events will be taking place. Paint and pesticide collection will begin in May and run on Wednesdays from noon to 5 p.m. at the center. Titchner would like to remind area residents that while oil-based paints, varnishes, sealers and any pesticides may be dropped off, latex paint is not accepted. When the recycling center moves into the other half of the community recycling building, they will need to update DEP of the new location for this program. A household hazardous waste collection will be held Aug. 11. Pick up a copy of the Wednesday, April 4, 2012 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.Next meeting:Elk County Solid Waste AuthorityTuesday, May 224:30 p.m. Courthouse Annex, Conf. Room 2