Software to streamline filing

The Elk County Commissioners on Tuesday approved a proposal for new software to help streamline services at the prothonotary's office.Susanne Straub Schneider, the county's prothonotary, said Tuesday that the new software will be used for the civil side of the office."Currently we use infocon-- it's a DOS system and it's antiquated," Schneider said. "The new software would improve docketing for the deputies and it would also improve access to the public. Eventually, we would move to having it accessible online. "It's a web-based software as opposed to infocon, which is DOS. The cost will be decreased after the initial software is paid for."The county currently pays $13,900 each year in the budget for infocon, but after the new software is paid for by 2014, that will decrease to an annual cost of $4,600. "This software is also being used in the sheriff's department, now so a lot of the work will be cut down," Schneider said. "For the people who eventually want to access information, the software will eventually be capable of e-file. "A concern is scanning as well and this software is capable of scanning so we would scan at the counter."One of Schneider's goals as the new prothonotary was to lead an initiative to back up the office's files and the new software will reportedly serve as a stepping stone to this aspiration.Pick up a copy of the Wednesday, Aug. 15, 2012 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.Elk County Board of CommissionersWhen: Tuesday, Sept. 4Where: Courthouse Annex, Conference Room No. 2Time: 10 a.m.