Scarnati still eyeing welfare reform

State Senator Joe Scarnati (R-Brockway) is still vying for what he describes as “necessary public welfare reform” within the Commonwealth.“I co-sponsored a bill which will be introduced in the Senate with Senator Dave Argall,” Scarnati said. “It basically takes care of something that a lot of people have spoken to me about, issues with welfare. I see the same thing, some people getting welfare benefits and you scratch your head thinking, ‘This isn’t right— I work at a full-time 40 hour job, and a part-time job, and my wife or spouse is working, and we don’t even have enough at the end of the week to go and enjoy life. “Meanwhile, you may look at someone on welfare benefits and I’m not saying that there aren’t people who need the benefits— we do have a lot of people who need them and should have them, and that gets right to my point— the people who are abusing it and getting it that don’t need or deserve it, they need to be taken out because that’s less dollars trying to help more people.”