Ridgway YMCA releases triathlon results

The Ridgway Triathlon has released its full results from Saturday's event. The Ridgway Run/Bike/Canoe Club was the overall winner of the triathlon with a time of 2:04:52. They were a 4-person team over the age of 40 as was the second-place finisher, Jeremy's, Andy's, Keith's and Mark's Team with a time of 2:05:53. John Urmann's team (4-person male, 30-39) was third at 2:10:55 and Barracuda Race Team was fourth (4-person mixed) at 2:18:49. Christopher Welsh had a time of 2:22.47 for fifth and Dan Sanders had a time of 2:26:40 for sixth. Women of the Wilds was seventh at 2:27:19 and State College Y was eighth at 2:30:21. Push for the Busch was ninth at 2:31:44 and Troy Willis was 10th at 2:35.05. In the run, Alex Brazinski had the best time at 27:48. Wee J. Fernan was second at 29:34 and Andy Mitcheltree was third at 29:52. Josh Cone was fourth at 30:40 and Christopher Welsh was fifth at 30:46. Jeremy Bochert was sixth at 31:35 and Dan Sanders was seventh at 33:46. John Michalowski was eight at 35:17 and Nathan Kurtz was ninth at 35:56. Raymond Rogers rounded out the top 10 at 36:35. Keith Gerber won the bike event with a time of 36:28. Charlie Gausman was second at 37:14 and Brian Hoffman was third at 38:49. Christopher Welsh was fourth at 42:35 and Dan Sanders was fifth at 43:10. Ben Keebler was sixth at 45:22 and Jim Clark was seventh at 45:23. Troy Willis was eighth at 45:33 and Phil Gip was ninth at 45:51. Brian Benini was 10th at 46:05. In canoe action, Randy Flament and Mark Keptka were the winners at 57:50. Steve Martin and Scott Jacobs were second at 58:04 and the team of Paul Gruber and Miranda Gruber was third at 59:25. Glen Vandewinckel and Ken Gerg finished fourth at 59:25, Lisa Bainey and Teresa Stout placed fifth at 1:02:06. John Urmann and Jack Urmann were sixth at 1:04:18 and David Gleixner/Jim Clark placed seventh at 1:08.21. Ken Huey was eighth at 1:08:41. Gary Ballina and Karen Ruppert at 1:08.52. Rick Love was 10th with a time of 1:09:02. In the age categories, the Tom Bucks Team won the 4-person male, 20-29 age group with a time of 3:00:39. John Urmann's Team won the 30-39 age group with 4-person teams, that team finished with a time of 2:10:55. In the 4-person mixed category, Barracuda Race Team won with a 2:18:49. Women of the Wilds won in 4-person female with a mark of 2:27:19. In the Ironman Male 35 and under category, Christopher Welsh won with a time of 2:22:47. Troy Willis won the 36 and over group with a mark of 2:35:05. Chrissy Welsh won in the female competition with a time of 2:51:34. Wii not Fit took the 2-person Male 29 and under category with a time of 2:41:51. State College Y won the 2-person Male over 30 category with a mark of 2:30:21. In the 2-person mixed category, Doc & Thundercloud took first with a time of 3:07.46. Unhitch the Plow took first in 2-person female at 3:08:35.