Ridgway YMCA members register for Pittsburgh Marathon

While the Ridgway YMCA offers 27 classes each week that are completely free to the facility's members, executive director Mary Lynne Bellotti said it is an even better feeling to see the members going outside the facility and making a difference."We have seen our class sizes stay pretty consistent and some even have a waiting list, and while it's great to see the Y so busy, it is a better feeling to see where our members are going outside our YMCA," Bellotti said. "A mother-daughter pair, Amy Matha and Breiana McKnight recently registered for the Pittsburgh Marathon. "In preparation of the upcoming marathon the mother-daughter duo have been attending several of our classes; body pump, boot camp, and step aerobics to name a few while taking advantage of our fitness room too."According to Bellotti, McKnight has attended several marathons but feels that since she has been able to take part in so many YMCA classes, she feels this year she will be able to reach her goal so much easier. "I needed to set a new goal in my life," Matha said. "Once I signed up I was hooked. Taking classes and training for the marathon was the change I needed."Other members who have registered for the Pittsburgh Marathon this year include Bev Yates, Erica Brazinski, Rachel Fernan, and Brian Hood. "Our fitness room has been well-used," Bellotti said. "I am so pleased that we have the equipment that helps local athletes fulfill their dreams. We are proud of our members who enter any event; 5Ks, triathlons, marathons, weightlifting competitions, or school-related sporting events. We take pride in our YMCA and look forward to some exciting upcoming changes."