Ridgway native now veterinary pharmacist in Oregon

Ridgway native Brian T. Bowers is now an Associate Director at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital Pharmacy at Oregon State University, College of Veterinary Medicine in Corvallis, Oreg. A 2003 Ridgway Area High School graduation, Bowers continued his education by attending St. Vincent College in Latrobe. He then did his Pharmacy program at Duquesne University. Bowers graduated in 2009 as a PharmD from Duquesne University, Mylan School of Pharmacy.Currently, Bowers resides in Albany, Oreg. He works as a Veterinary Pharmacist. Bowers says a large part of his job is to verify prescription orders written by the veterinarians at the college. “The prescription orders I fill and verify are for a variety of patients; among them are dogs, cats, horses, cows, goats and llamas,” Bowers said. “One of the best parts of my day is just reading the names of the animals that the prescriptions are written for.” In addition to verifying prescriptions, Bowers is also an unclassified faculty member for the college. “I have currently taught two lectures up until this point to the sophomore veterinary students about regulatory/legal concepts and drug compounding,” Bowers said. “This job also provides much potential for me as a pharmacist, because Oregon State University also has a Pharmacy School, where I may have occasional duties there.”Thankful for where he is now, Bowers credits the work he has done up until this point. “Much of the reason why I am here is due to my career background on what I have done up until this point,” said Bowers. “I worked as an intern for CVS/pharmacy during my student years at Duquesne University and worked for them as a pharmacist upon graduation.”Bowers elaborates further on the steps he took before his career and how it helped decipher what he wanted to do with his education. “I worked in Southern Ohio as a floater/staff pharmacist for CVS/pharmacy and decided that I wanted to do a residency to help further my career options,” he said. “I came back to Duquesne University to become a Clinical Ambulatory Care Resident.”Here, Bowers said he became accustomed with giving immunizations, teaching lectures, presenting patient cases and working in other fields of pharmacy practice. “This allowed me to broaden my experience as a pharmacist and it proved to be very beneficial to get me to where I am at now,” Bowers said. “I also could not have gotten to this point without the many great co-workers I have gotten to know and work with throughout my time at these positions.”   Growing up in Elk County has played a vital role in creating who Bowers is today. “Growing up in this county meant a lot to me and still does,” Bowers said. “There are many things that I loved about growing up in Elk County; I will always remember certain parts of my life that are irreplaceable and consider myself lucky to have lived them.” Thinking of growing up in Elk County brings about many memories for Bowers. “Playing the game of soccer, learning what it means to pray and go to church, working at Fox’s Pizza, coming home to see my dogs and my family, having two brothers to fight with, going for truck rides out in the woods, shooting a basketball around, cooking food on the grill, having a campfire, riding the four-wheeler just to name a few," Bowers said. "When I wasn’t doing these, you could probably count on me being out in the woods. I would always be hunting and fishing with my mother, father, brothers or uncles."This has all helped me to recognize the value of what I do in life and to not take it for granted. It helped shape my character of who I am today.” When he gets home to visit, Bowers says he wants the opportunity to enjoy the fine outdoors by hunting and fishing with his family. “Deer hunting has always been a fun time or maybe a fishing trip up Toby Creek,” Bowers said. “These trips would not be too focused, but just to pass some time and relax. I also would like to sit around and visit with family, our pets, and friends.”Those who remain in Elk County are his grandmother, Catherine Bowers, and grandmother Sonya Wright, who both reside in Ridgway, along with many aunts and uncles. Bowers’ parents, Thomas and Susan Bowers, along with his brother Paul, live in Brookville. His other brother, David Bowers, lives in Akron, Ohio.