Ridgway bomb threat offender sentenced

Andrew John Higdon, 22, of Ridgway, pleaded guilty in Elk County Court on Friday for having effectuated/made bomb threats against the Ridgway Borough Police Department, as well as a Ridgway doctor's office.Higdon admitted that on Jan. 12, 2012 he placed an envelope in the mail slot belonging to Dr. Warren Henry Riegel's office at 14 South Mill Ave. in Ridgway. According to Elk County District Attorney Bradley Kraus, the letter indicated that a bomb was to be planted in the office and that "Dr. Riegel would be killed," although the note did not expressly reference the doctor's name. Kraus said police contacted the defendant, who later admitted to having placed the envelope in the mail slot on his walk from the Ridgway Sheetz to his apartment. President Judge Richard Masson asked Kraus if there was any connection or preexisting relationship between Higdon and Dr. Riegel. Kraus said that he believed it was simply a random act and the doctor had not been specifically targeted. "I don't think the defendant knew it was Dr. Riegel's. I don't think [he had] any animosity toward Dr. Riegel. I just think there was a mail slot there and he decided to place it there," Kraus said. Pick up a copy of the Saturday, June 2, 2012 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.