RHS Graduate develops plan to deliver internet to underserved students in Virginia

Brian Stockman
Staff Writer

“I didn’t even realize what kind of stir I was going to cause,” said Kristopher Reed IT Director for the Hopewell School District in Virginia, "But this will allow our distance learning program to be accessed by all of our students."

Bright, yellow school bus are once again rolling down the streets of Hopewell Virginia, but they're not delivering children to schools in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, they will be delivering school to children, via quality Internet service. Hopewell City Public Schools has signed a 12-month contract with Kajeet, a company based in Northern Virginia, to install wireless routers into 31 school buses to give Internet access to homes and students that currently cannot log on. The buses will cast a wireless signal to homes within roughly a 300-foot radius. With the new access, students without quality Internet access at home will be able to continue “distance learning” school instruction despite school closures, at no cost to them.

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