Restoration project on schedule

During Monday night's borough council meeting, Main Street manager Michelle Bogacki reported that the restoration project for the Aiello Building at 205 Main Street in Ridgway, is running according to schedule."They are actually on schedule or a little ahead because of the dry weather that we have been having," Bogacki said. "Once they get the roof, windows and building contained they will have their own power source. Right now, they are focusing on the structure."Bogacki noted that the target date for the building to be structurally sound was projected at six months. "Their focus was to get that first floor and restaurant back up and running," Bogacki said. In other business, council member John Casolo Jr. reminded residents that three garbage cans is the maximum amount a household can set out per week."I heard from the guys that with the new garbage route, now that they cut it down to four days working, we have rules for the amount of garbage those guys are supposed to be picking up and we should be sticking to those rules instead of allowing some people to continuously abuse it," Casolo said. "It's not fair to some residents that they have one bag out a week and that's it-- while some people, you go by and they have a pile every week. "The guys were starting to leave some of it there. I'm being told they are being sent back to pick it up. There is a limit to the amount they are allowed to pick up and we should be sticking to that limit."Pick up a copy of the Friday, July 22, 2011 edition of The Ridgway Record for more.