PSP and district attorney discuss Buck Murder

Richie Lecker
Staff Writer

At a scheduled press conference to address the Aug. 20, 1987 murder of Paul Michael “Mickey” Buck, Elk County District Attorney Shawn T. McMahon and Lt. Christopher Neal of the Pennsylvania State Police urged anyone who knew Buck or who may have been at or near the Motion Control Industries' parking lot on East Gillis Avenue, Ridgway, around 11 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. on the night of the murder to contact the PSP Ridgway barracks at (814) 776-6136. McMahon stated during the press conference that law enforcement agencies have found new physical evidence in the case within the past year, and that has led state troopers to renew an investigation into the unsolved murder of Buck. He added that the case isn't being reopened as it was never closed. All of the evidence in the case has been turned over to the state police, which now has a specialized team working on trying to solve the almost 30-year-old unsolved murder. McMahon did not go into detail about the new evidence that was found or the details of the case due to the ongoing investigation. More details on the press conference will be available on The Ridgway Record's website and in tomorrow's edition of The Ridgway Record.